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Katılımcı, Sea Research Center of Murro di Porco Lighthouse

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On the scenic cliff of Murro di Porco, an isolated outstanding lighthouse is situated which construction dates back to XX century. Lighthouse of Capo Murro di Porco is guiding the long-distance land travelers and wanderers of the sea of Mediterranean Sea of Sicily. As we know lighthouses are built in appropriate and significant locations, on coastal heights, rocks in order to guide, warn / mark / lighten and highlight dangerous coast areas or tough passages and entrances to harbors, city ports and shallow estuaries; basically about the coast life of the nature hereabouts. Even through the darkest nights, through the most opaque and starless universe, heavy storms and fogs, the lighthouse's warm and familiar signals can be perceived.

Programme // Regarding their raison d’etre, the guidance for the wanderer souls, our proposal is to design a research center in order to guide, in this case, the curious souls in the pursuit of understanding the coastal and sea natural habitat. As lighthouse is settled on protected natural habitat itself with supreme value and charm, it is already offering one of the most valuable open-air laboratories and workshop ambiance with its setting itself. This maritime natural park area preserves a significant ecosystem to be investigated and observed on-site. Our proposal, Sea and Coastal Life Research Center: Centro Marittimo di Capo Murro di Porco (Sea Center of Murro di Porco Lighthouse) , will be the host of the laboratories, seminar rooms, workshop areas, conference and exhibition halls, library, eco-cooking restaurant & café and hotel for the researchers.

Concept // Whether the lighthouse sits like a tower-house on a higher cliff or grows up to a monumental height, it is programmed to verticality and ascensional dynamics. The ascensional character is settled in its typological genealogy and is an essential aspect of its character. But it’s other essential aspect is that the light scans the land in horizontal routine and shines its message out with a disciplined orbit. So the orbit of the horizontal light sways the message to the wanderer. Our proposal is therefore based on the orbit idea; all volumes are differentiated among their programme oriented in lighthouse orbit, all directed to the lighthouse and sea. With this master plan orientation research center acts as a campus; strongly communicating with each other and lighthouse, as well as the sea and the natural habitat. 

Space Configuration // Centro Marittimo di Capo Murro di Porco is designed based on simple axis system along the orbit; main circulation wooden deck, inner gardens of sampling plantation from the habitat, semi closed entrance deck, transformable semi closed programme volumes. Spatial configuration is based on “tatami idea” of Japanese house; modular and transformable space with the sliding separators which enables open communication and functional areas in-need. We propose sliding glass & wood separators in order to open the volumes into the nature and scenery of observation, as well with solid stone walls which are composing the direction to the view.



Proje Yeri: Sicilya
Proje Tipi: Ar-Ge Binası
Proje Tipi Grubu: Katılımcı
Proje Başlangıç Yılı: 2016
Toplam İnşaat Alanı: 1,200 m2

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