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Katılımcı, Elevating Erie: an Ideas Competition for the Biodiverse Boulevard

Mimari proje raporu:

Erie Canalway from Buffalo to Albany, there is a visible disconnection in Syracuse city center concerning the Erie Boulevard. Despite the advantageous features it offers, the site remained under-valued and not used with time. We believe that this portion of the Canalway trail is offering serious advantages for economical, physical and cultural improvement for Syracuse City as well as to the identity of Erie Canalway in general.

The main task of Elevating Erie Boulevard is to connect the physical, historical, cultural and socio-economic values with defined “intervention strategies on selected zones and axis”. This Convergence is achieved via:

  • Physical Elements: New Architectural Typology along the Erie Boulevard, Research & Development Campus Offices, New Erie Museum and Hotel, New Street Sections and Pavement Materials, Street Info & Recycle Booths, Historical Railway, Sculpture Park,..etc.
  • Socio-Economic Facilities: Commercial facilities along Erie Boulevard, R&D Facilities in green zone, Service Facilities for rejoicing the cultural heritage, Open Bazaar and Urban Farming, ..etc.
  • Landscape Elements: Inserting new flora & fauna by creating green axis between Green R&D Campus and Erie Boulevard commercial zone, Active and Passive Recreation Areas, Bicycle free parks, Urban Art Parks, Urban Farming Zones, Revitalizing the Erie Canal in the green axis, ..etc.

Site Plan represents these zones and axis; some zones (1 to 8) are illustrated and Road sections are designed to show bicycle-pedestrian-green-car relationship (A to F), Intervention Strategies are also part of the site plan which shows tool kit for the implementation.     

Proje Yeri: Syracuse, New York
Proje Tipi: Kentsel Tasarım
Proje Tipi Grubu: Kentsel Tasarım, Katılımcı
Proje Başlangıç Yılı: 2016

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